3-axis Accelerometer: Standard full range: ± 16 g
3-axis Gyroscope: Standard full range: ± 2000 deg/s
3-axis Magnetometer: Standard full range ± 8 Gauss
Battery life: 8 hours
IP-rating: IP68
Output rate: Real-time streaming mode: up to 60 Hz, Recording mode: up to 120 Hz
SDK supported OS: Android OS 8.0 or above, ARMv8 CPU architecture, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, or 20.04 LTS 64-bit Linux, Windows 10 or above, iOS 11 or above
Wireless communication: Bluetooth 5.0 or above
  •  5 Movella DOT sensors 
  •  Charger and micro-USB cable 
  •  Movella DOT Software Development Kit (SDK)

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