Accessories and add-ons to give you an even clearer picture.
Movella DOT Adhesive Patches
Movella DOT Disposable Adhesive Patches are double-sided transparent polyethylene patches.  Patches are medical graded.

Movella DOT Holder
Can be attached to a strap with the Velcro on the back of the holder.

Movella DOT Strap Set
With the Movella DOT we offer a strap set and 5 holders to guarantee a stable on-body attachment of the sensors.

Movella DOT Sleeve Set
With the Movella DOT, we offer a sleeve set designed for athletes who practice intense and high-dynamic sports, such as sprinting, football, and many more. The silicone bands inside the sleeves ensure minimal movement of the DOT sensors.

Awinda Shirt
Lycra T-shirt for easy placement of Sternum and Shoulder MTw Awinda Wireless Motion Tracker. 

Xsens MVN Awinda Full body strap set
Set of Velcro straps and necessary accessories to attach all MTw Awinda Wireless Motion Tracker to the body

Awinda Recording + Docking / Sync Station
Recording & Docking station for MVN Awinda. This station connects to the computer for data recording. Facilitates easy synchronization with 3rd party devices (4 AUX sync I/O; BNC connectors; 0-3.3V TTL) for both the MVN Awinda and MVN Link.

Xsens MVN Awinda sturdy neoprene case
Sturdy neoprene case for storing and transporting the MVN Awinda system safely.

Xsens MVN Awinda Back-up Set
A back-up set for the MVN Awinda systems.

Movella DOT Charger (charger only)
Can be used for storage, charging and export of data.

6-Port USB Wall Charger for Awinda (Starter)
6-port USB wall charger for Awinda (Starter), enabling simultaneous charging of 18 pcs. MTw Awinda Wireless Motion Trackers when used i.c.w. 6 pcs. Of CA-USB-3MTW.

Charging cable MTw
Charging cable for the MTw Awinda Wireless Motion Tracker, connect MTw Awinda Wireless Motion Tracker to computers USB port or connect MVN Link Body Pack to computers USB port.

Awinda USB2.0 A to B Awinda Cable
USB cable to connect Awinda Recording + Docking Station to a computer.

Pair of footpads for MVN Link and MVN Awinda.

Awinda Power Adapter
Power adapter for Awinda Recording + Docking Station and Awinda Charging Station.

Headband with logo
Headband for MVN Link and MVN Awinda. One size fits all.

Xsens MVN Measuring Tape
Special designed measuring tool to measure body segment lengths for input in MVN Analyze and Animate (Pro).

Xsens MVN Link Shirt
Lycra T-shirt for easy placement of Sternum and Shoulder MTx Motion Tracker, the MVN Link Body Pack Battery and the MVN Link Body Pack. Size XXL.

Pair of gloves with motion tracker pockets for MVN Link and MVN Awinda. Size M.

Awinda Receiving Dongle
USB receiving dongle for MVN Awinda systems with Antenna.

Movella DOT Charging Cable
Micro-USB charging cable.

Xsens MVN Awinda starter charging cable
Charging cable for 3 x MTw Awinda Wireless Motion Tracker.

Awinda Charging station
Charging station for 6 MTw Awinda Wireless Motion Tracker